• Cast PE Breathable Film
  • Cast PE Breathable Film
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'Rhyfeel' Breathable Films are manufactured from highly filled polyethylene by the extrusion technology. The films are permeable for gases and water vapors but impermeable to water in liquid state. Suitable for hygienic applications, the films are designed for use in the manufacture of disposable sanitary products - baby diapers, sanitary towels, incontinence pads and supplies for the chronically ill. The films help to enhance user comfort - their permeability allows the skin to better breathe, reducing the potential occurrence of undesired side effects such as skin rash, sores etc.

Cast PE Breathable Film

Breathable (Micro porous) films are formed with micro pores that enable water vapor molecules and air to pass through, yet it restricts liquid flow.

Micro porous films are used extensively in hygiene industry as the back sheet layer of modern baby diaper. The main benefits are;

Breathability : The breathability of the film enables to comport the baby via eliminating unwanted secretions of liquid vapor

Soft touch

Non-plastic feeling

General specifications and range of films

Film Weight : 14 - 40 g/m2
Width : 40 - 2200 mm
WVTR : 2000 - 5000 grams/m2/24hr (ASTM E96-2000 Desiccant)

Testing optionally according to ISO or ASTM

• Emboss : Micro Emboss or Deep Emboss
• Corona Treatment : One side or Both sides

You can select the corona value (dyne)

• C.I. FLEXO Print : CD & MD registered print (registered),CD registered print (non registered), Random Print
• 6 Colour Printing Facility
• Hot Melt Lamination Facility

Optional Properties

Tensile Strength, Tearing Strength, Peel Strength, Hydro Head (Water Resistant), Shrink Rate, Elongation.

You can select those properties' value

Principle of vapor permeability

Breathable film sheet contains about 1.4 billion pores/cm2. A single micro pore is from 1000 to 10000 times larger than a unit of water vapor and 1000 times smaller than a drop of water. The actual pore size is 0.1-10 microns. It provides high vapor absorbency and liquid waterproofness of the product.